This section outlines key Canadianisms that show up in the novel.


All the spelling in the novel is Canadian. Words like ‘colour’ and ‘humour’ have a ‘u’.

Victoria Day

Part of early part of the novel takes place during the Victoria Day long weekend in May. Victoria Day falls on the third Monday in May each year and is essentially the unofficial start to summer in Canada. This holiday is analogous with Memorial Day in the United States. Many Ontarians will open their cottage around this weekend. The weekend is also called May 2-4 weekend in some parts of the country, referencing the holiday falls around May 24 (the actual birthday of Queen Victoria) and the “2-4”, which is a 24 case of beer,a common beverage consumed on this holiday.


Muskoka is a region about an hour and a half north of Toronto and is a common location of summer cottages. Part of this story takes place in Gravenhurst, ON, where Bryce’s parent’s cottage was located. The area is home to many cottages lined the various lakes in the region. Bryce’s fictional cottage was located along North Muldrew Lake. The cottage that Kristen and Lauren were staying at,while not specifically named, would have been along Middle Muldrew Lake. At one point Kristen walks from their cottage to Bryce’s location, which would have been a long, long walk.

Bay Street

Bay Street is the main street where major Canadian banks and investment houses are located in downtown Toronto. The Term “Bay Street” can generically also refer to the financial district in downtown Toronto. While the fictional RoseGreer was located in the financial district, the reality today is many ad agencies could be located anywhere including the suburbs.

Rye & Ginger

A popular drink in Canada is rye whiskey mixed with Ginger Ale. Rye Whiskey is commonly distilled in Canada and its closest counterpart would be bourbon. Ginger Ale is also popular in the Great White North, a drink that is not always available in the US. If it is available, you may be able to locate some Canada Dry Ginger Ale in your area.

Bloody Caesar

A Bloody Caesar is a uniquely Canadian drink consisting of clamato juice, vodka, and other goodies mixed in. Its closest American counterpart would be the Bloody Mary.